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Ceramic Pro is a permanent nanoceramic protective paint coating. Its transparent 3D matrix structure protects the paint or surface from scratches, graffiti, dirt, ageing, premature oxidation, weathering, road salt, rock chips, bugs, bird droppings and even acid rain. It offers excellent scratch, thermal, UV, oxidation, corrosion and chemical resistance. A surface that has been sealed with Ceramic Pro stays clean for a longer period of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities. Ceramic Pro is permanent and can only be removed using machine polish. The unique formulation of has enabled it to be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder film that will increase its scratch resistance.


Platinum Package

Lifetime warranty


The Platinum Package offers the finest permanent protection available on all surfaces of your vehicle, we coat every surface of your vehicle inside with a ceramic enhanced glass shield.

4 layers of Glass Shield on all painted exterior surfaces.

2 extra layers of Glass Shield on exposed areas such as Front Bumper and Hood.

1 layer of Glass Shield on all exterior plastic and rims.

1 layers of Rain Repellant on the windshield and 2 front side glasses.

Gold Exterior Package

5 year warranty


The Silver Package offers an excellent permanent exterior protection on your entire vehicle. It shows great scratch resilience and unbeatable water beading properties.


1 layer of Rain Repellant on Windshield and front side windows. 

1 layer of Glass Shield on plastic and rims.

1 layer of Top Coat as a top coat to enhance the shine.

1 layer of Glass Shield on all painted exterior surfaces.

Full Interior Package

Interior Protection

1 layer on the entire carpets 

1 layer on dash 

1 layer on the center console 

1 layer on the floor mats 

1 layer on the seats 

1 layer on all vinyl and plastics 

1 layer on all the leather   


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